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Come on Over – The quirky Europe Game, Animation Video

Come On Over is a good example for a web-design project that turned into a different direction than we expected. The Grafik Designer Felix Auer called on me to find someone who can help him with the online presentation of a card-game about the European Union. I helped him with the website and together with Max Horjes we animated his nicely illustrated characters for a animation video, explaining the game.

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ViennaOpen 2015 Website is online

The fourth festival in a row, this year’s ViennaOpen puts an emphasis on OpenData, OpenDesign and OpenArchitecture. Another focus is placed on Otto Neurath and visual politics for smart citizens. This year’s festival is, like Otto Neurath 100 years ago, in search of the “Pleasure Maximum“. ViennaOpen covers recent collaborations and projects from the areas of cultural- and creative industries as well as hacktivism tactics and new critical theory.

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PPAG Website launched!

The Viennese architectural offices PPAG were looking for someone to develop their new web platform. They wished to create a web-portfolio that would reflect the company’s characteristics in the form of map representing all their projects. This map should form the dynamic centre of the website and allow the client to easily make his own alterations to the website at any time…

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Website Online

The Vienna Open Festival 2014 takes place for the third time in succession. This year, the main focus lies on the open composition of design and architecture as well as on open knowledge transfer and urban development. The festival negotiates current projects and collaborations in the area of culture and creative industries and around the New Critical Theory.
(English Abstract,

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Wiener Lerntafel
New Website

We redesigned the website of the Wiener Lerntafel. In order to help the charity organisation to raise enough money for the following years it was necessary to have a clear presentation of its services, structure and opportunities.
The new website is one step towards new sponsors and more awareness about the importance of this institution.

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Wiener Lerntafel Visual Award

Vincent Bauer reveived the first WIENER LERNTAFEL Visual Award for his Poster Campaign.
The aim of the campaign was, to raise awareness for the need to help underpriviliged children without blaming anybody.
Not the children, nor their parents and nor the politics.

TOMAK’s new website

The artist TOMAK wanted an unconventional website that translated his ideas, texts, paintings, performances and further works into a strong online presentation. The stipulations were that the site should be chaotic, big and irrational, and strongly reflect the way TOMAK works and how he wants his art to be seen. A dominant feature of his work is the collage technique that he uses to reference and connect different imagery, ideas and spaces. He also distinguishes between distinct periods in his body of work, each of which is characterised by a specific alter ego, such as Phantomak, Tomaque Deville or TRAFO.
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ViennaOpen 2013 is online!

This year’s ViennaOpen Festival is focusing on recent developments in open design, shared economies and the means of production in the third industrial revolution. Open design and the open exchange of ideas, as well as working methods built on cooperation and collaboration, are already in use by creatives around the globe.

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NEUBAU.ME is Online

Finally, the new Web-Plattform is online.
Together with bloggers and W24 this project focuses on Open-Design Shops and studios in Vienna. The website will present designers and their products as well as eassays and videos that give a more profond overview about certain topics like open furniture design, textil design and hnadcrafed stuff.


Website, CI and Flash Intro for VIKI


Website, CI and Flash Intro for VIKI

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Website for the theare ensemble “NewspaceCompany”


Website for the theare ensemble “NewspaceCompany”

Together with Emanuel Jesse I created a brief but emotional web presentation of the theatre project of the actor and director Volker Schmidt.

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WebDesign Qilu Bus


WebDesign Qilu Bus

The chinese bus company Qilu Bus asked me to prepare there layout for their upcoming website. I always wanted to face the typographic challenges that come with mandarin ….

CI for the Essence 2011, with Stefan Göschl and Ana Yankova
Vienna 2011


CI for the Essence 2011, with Stefan Göschl and Ana Yankova
Vienna 2011

Brochure, Flyer and Logo for the Essence 2011
collaboration with Ana Yankova and Stephan Göschl