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“Cold people”
Performance Night
@ Klasse Kowanz
University of Applied Arts 2013

We assemble and tremble.
Behold our revels.

Cold people: What makes them that way?
10 steps:

- Don’t smile.
– Don’t greet.
– Ignore others feelings, and emotional responses.
– Speak in an even, calm voice.
– Be negative.
– Give the cold shoulder.
– Don’t bother helping.
– Be sarcastic.
– Never repeat yourself.
– If you find yourself thinking bad things about someone then don’t worry.

“Society of Posthuman Experience”
Performance Project with Nicole Weniger
@ Letzte Weltausstellung, Gschwandtner Etablissement
Vienna 2011

    Die SOCIETY OF POSTHUMAN EXPERIENCE forscht schon heute nach Methoden, die Standardmasse mittels der Gruppe Alpha genetisch auf diese dunkle Zukunft einzustellen.       Projekt “Jüngstes Licht”                

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Cutting a video by Nicole Weniger
Vienna 2011

This intervention in the hall of a trainstation, was made for the exhibtion “people in movement in urban spaces”. By placing an orange chair in front of an escalator, the contrast between the busy movement of the people and the stable attribute of the chair is been shown.
The reactions of the people were surpirising. Out of a reason somebody started to put 20 Cents on the chair. More and more people followed suit and at the end 1 Euro 10 Cents were collected. (

“Revolution und so”
Performance at the first of May
Berlin 2011


“Revolution und so”
Performance at the first of May
Berlin 2011

This day is as well a celebration day of the Labour Movement and an occasion that is widely used for protests and demonstrations, especially in Berlin. It is a big an controverse spectacle where parties and music mix with unclear political amibitions and everybody is on the street to either join the rally and the clashes with the police or to at least enjoy the holiday.

Another important thing that is taking place at the very same day is Vincents birthday. And in 2011, he wanted to use the energy that is unloaded in the streets of Berlin every year, to celebrate it in a larger scale as usual. He joined the really with his banner “It’s my birthday” and tried to lead them on which worked better than expected:
Hundreds of people were singing “Happy birthday” for him and the Berlin Newspaper “TAZ” even mentioned his intervention on the following day.