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Experimental Set-Up: Love Stories

Who tells whom what and how about love?
Individual experience collides with social structures. How unique are love stories? Can we identify patterns and intersections? Is love an individual process? Which conceivability of love do we have and which do we produce? These questions are the basis of an inquiry undertaken by an interdisciplinary formation of 30 students. Scientific-theoretic and artistic-practical approaches are combined. The test arrangement seems simple: Participants from diverse branches of study and different universities form small groups and deal with a subject from different perspectives in mutual exchange. Thereby a complex diversity of positions is created. (oelinger/rainer)

Edgar Wilson, 2009
20*30cm, Öl auf Leinwand

“Von wo hin”
Stiegenhaus Langenlois
with 2009

"Larry lies" and "The key under her carpet" 2009
oil on paper
Fictious film posters for a show at the Künstlerhaus Cinema Vienna

Alle drei Jahre 2008, 133*86 cm Acryl auf Leinwand
shown at "THE ESSENCE" 2009
Annual Exhibition of the University of Applied Arts
Vienna 2009

“Nanham” 2009, 60x80cm, Oil and Coal on Paper
shown at "FEAR"
Gallery Hobsky
Showroom Grundsteingasse
Vienna 2010

Supersoccer 3000
acryl on canvas, 2008
10x164 cm

Fabienne, 2009
20*30cm, Öl auf Leinwand

Lania 2008
300x170cm, Oil on Catridge

Sir Runaway, 2009
20*30cm, Öl auf Leinwand

"DérouLement" 2009
135 x 88 cm
acryl on canvas

The work "circled" was chosen for the show" Matrix Natura" in Como / Italy, 2008

"Grüner Mann auf dem Weg zum Strand" 2008
110 x 70cm, oil on canvas

Hinweis Nummer 2, 2008
acryl on canvas, 150 * 240cm