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Website for the theatre ensemble NEWSPACECOMPANY

All images are taken from the finished website and belong to the client.

Microgiants & Verlag Neue Arbeit

The design company Microgiants and the "Verein Neue Arbeit" ("Association For New Labour") host several events every year on the field of open-design, knowledge transfer, local production and networking. They all share a strong belief in the opportunities to be able to form a better society by working together and sharing knowledge, technologies and ideas.

Maispace Website

MAISPACE is  a annual networking event for the so entitled "Creative Class" and clearly has a marxistic connotation. It consists of freelancers, small companies, art-and-craft businesses, music and fashion and the idea is to develop new forms of working together by connecting each other locally.  Once a year the event/party MAISPACE takes place and the whole "Creative Class" can come together and do some networking against egocentric business models and exploitation.
All images are taken from the finished website and belong to the client.


Come on Over – The quirky Europe Game, Animation Video

Come On Over is a good example for a web-design project that turned into a different direction than we expected. The Grafik Designer Felix Auer called on me to find someone who can help him with the online presentation of a card-game about the European Union. I helped him with the website and together with Max Horjes we animated his nicely illustrated characters for a animation video, explaining the game.

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ViennaOpen 2015 Website is online

The fourth festival in a row, this year’s ViennaOpen puts an emphasis on OpenData, OpenDesign and OpenArchitecture. Another focus is placed on Otto Neurath and visual politics for smart citizens. This year’s festival is, like Otto Neurath 100 years ago, in search of the “Pleasure Maximum“. ViennaOpen covers recent collaborations and projects from the areas of cultural- and creative industries as well as hacktivism tactics and new critical theory.

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I design and build websites from bottom up. As well I can just design the templates or take care of the realisation in Wordpress / HTML5 / CSS / jQuery or whatever.


Grafik Design

Ideas, Logos, Illustrations, Layouts, either print or digital, moving or static.

20120123_0007 (2)


I am good in telling stories and have a background on the field of music, and video production.

Training and Consulting

Having several years experience in the field I consult clients what choice of online presentation does fit best for their purpose. Furthermore I  introduce clients and students to HTML5 / CSS and WORDPRESS.



I share my office with a collective of Freelance Film-Makers, Motion Designers, Photographers, Writers, Artists and Designers.
So whatever which content a web project needs, I can probably get it at my co-worker on the table next to me or in the big Foto-, Video- and Silscreen studios downstairs.


The Atzgerei Collective

Michael Tripol
Grafik Design / Illustration / Animation for the Ladies

Gero Dennig
Film & Video (Camera / Lights / Production / Direction)

Kurt Prinz

Peter Schönhardt
Grafik & Motion Design

Christian Brezina
Grafik Design

Michael Fellner
Video (Camera & Post Production)

Vincet Bauer

I am a freelance webdesigner
and maybe an artist.

I grew up as a computer nerd in the Bavarian countryside ... 

At the age of fourteen I sold my first websites to small local companies.
At 16 I completed my first internship as a web designer with Enders Engineers in Landshut, Germany ....

However, when puberty hit, I realised that it is much cooler to play the guitar and be a creative type than it is to hack into the school computers. So I played in several bands before moving to Vienna to pursue Theatre, Film and Media Studies at the University of Vienna.

I then switched to the University of Applied Arts to study Painting and Animated Film under Christian Ludwig Attersee and subsequently studied Graphic Design, also at the University of Applied Arts under Oliver Kartak, and Illustration at the HGB in Leipzig under Thomas Müller.

Like many working artists, I am torn between my wish to enrich the world with music, film, fine art and design, and the need to pay the bills.

I have worked for cultural institutions such as Educult, Mauve Vienna and the Verlag Neue Arbeit, as well as for the children's education service Wiener Lerntafel. I have also produced work for the satire magazine Titanic and its affiliated political party 'Die PARTEI'.

Alongside my design work I have been exhibiting numerous works (chiefly paintings) in the fields of fine arts. In 2011 I began to tire of exhibitions and instead started to focus his attention on the field of performance, simultaneously reviving my early musical ambitions.


<p2013 MFA (with honors)

University of Applied Arts Vienna

2011 Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (Erasmus)

Illustration, Thomas Müller

2010 Communication Design (1 Semester)

Oliver Kartak, University of Applied Arts Vienna

2009 Painting and film

Prof. Judith Eisler, University of Applied Arts Vienna

2007 Masterclass of Painting,
Animated Film and Tapissery

Christian Ludwig Attersee,
University of Applied Arts Vienna

2005 Theatre, film and media studies (4 Semester)

University of Vienna




Since 2015:
Teacher and Trainer at Net2Web
HTML5 / Wordpress / Visual Design

2012- 2014:
Filmladen and Lunafilm
Flash-Animation, Grafik-Design

Since 2012:
Microgiants & Verlag Neue Arbeit
Webdesign & Ideas

Webdesigner of Premierentage Innsbruck
Maintaining and updating the website

Personal Assistent of Lisa Ruyter (Fine Artist)

studio & gallery work




Alle drei Jahre 2008, 133*86 cm Acryl auf Leinwand shown at "THE ESSENCE" 2009Annual Exhibition of the University of Applied ArtsVienna 2009

Alle drei Jahre 2008, 133*86 cm Acryl auf Leinwand
shown at "THE ESSENCE" 2009
Annual Exhibition of the University of Applied Arts
Vienna 2009


WENIGERBAUER, @ Isa GenzkenKunsthalle WienFotos by Alina Parigger 2014

Kunsthalle Wien
Fotos by Alina Parigger 2014

Foto by Anna ScholierLeipzig 2012

Foto by Anna Scholier
Leipzig 2012

WENIGERBAUERAUF DER SCHWELLE, 2011 ISBN 978-3-9502891-2-1 16cm x 17cm 128 Seiten



Group Shows & Performances

Bitte, Danke, Alles Gute.
Au am Yppenplatz, Vienna

Vienna Art Week
WENIGERBAUER @ fluc, Vienna

WENIGERBAUER @ Kunstraum Super, Vienna

3rd Night of Avantgarde Pop
WENIGERBAUER @ fluc, Vienna

Participation in the performance of Julian Inic
Gallerie Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna

MFA Film Screening
University of Applied Arts, Vienna

Cold People, Performance-night
(University of Applied Arts, Vienna)

Die Letzte Weltausstellung
Gschwandtner Etablissement


Here and Somewhere Else
Fait Gallery
(BRNO, Czech Republik)

The Wall that sucks
HGB Leipzig

Neue Bilder
Café-Restaurant Delicious Monster (Vienna)

MAK (Vienna)

is there transformation?
kunstraum praterstraße curated by abraham orden (Vienna)

Junger Wein, Junge Kunst
Mak (Vienna)

Künstlerhaus (Vienna)

Vordere Zollamstrasse 4 (Vienna)

Gallery Hobsky
Showroom Grundsteingasse (Vienna)


University Of Applied Arts (Vienna)

Matrix Natura
montrouge paris (Paris, France)

Endless Love
University Of Applied Arts (Vienna)
Großer Geist, Bewahre Uns!

Palais Kabelwerk (Vienna)
Von Wo Hin
Stiegenhaus (Langenlois, Austria)

Kiosk (Vienna)

Matrix Natura
Museo di palozzo mocenigo, (Venice, I)

I Kissed The Girl
Galerie Studio 18 (Vienna, A)

Foyer Of Künstler Haus Kino (Vienna, A)

Matrix Natura
Church Of Largo Spallino (Como, I)




"Grosser Geist, Bewahre uns"Show at  Palais Kabelwerk

"Grosser Geist, Bewahre uns"
Show at Palais Kabelwerk