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Verival – Tiroler Biomanufaktur



Es ist immer schön bei einer Website von Beginn an dabei zu sein. Allerdings ist es ebenso interessant ein vorhandenes Projekt  zu optimieren und weiter-zu-entwickeln. Am Anfang hat man zwar die Möglichkeit von Beginn an die Gestaltung und Konzeption der Site in den Hände neu halten. Allerdings liegen die besten Lösungen eben oft auch in der konsequenten Weiterentwicklung  bestehender Ideen.







Come on over – The quirky Europe Game

Come On Over is a good example for a web-design project that turned into a different direction than we expected. The Grafik Designer Felix Auer called on me to find someone who can help him with the online presentation of a card-game about the European Union.

Right at the beginning of our meeting, I saw that Felix has already some experiences on CSS and HTML5 and would love to do it all on his own. The only problem was, that they had a pretty soon release date and they would therefore need someone who can overlook the pusblishing process and provide fast solutions when something goes wrong.
So, my job was primarily to consult him and explain the overall work-flow of the WORDPRESS theme architecture to him. So he could upload the content on his own and style the theme regarding his own design concept that was already established for the card game.

PPAG – An Interface based on a map

The Viennese architectural offices PPAG were looking for someone to develop their new web platform. They wished to create a web-portfolio that would reflect the company's characteristics in the form of map representing all their projects. This map should form the dynamic centre of the website and allow the client to easily make his own alterations to the website at any time.