PPAG – An Interface based on a map

The Viennese architectural offices PPAG were looking for someone to develop their new web platform. They wished to create a web-portfolio that would reflect the company's characteristics in the form of map representing all their projects. This map should form the dynamic centre of the website and allow the client to easily make his own alterations to the website at any time.

Wiener Lerntafel

The Wiener Lerntafel is a voluntary organisation that provides tutoring for underprivileged children. In Vienna alone there are around 15,000 children who can't keep up at school, are in danger of wasting their potential and are losing faith in the Viennese social support network. The Wiener Lerntafel has already provided over 50,000 extra lessons for free, carried out by over 160 unpaid volunteers (mostly social workers and former teachers) at the Lernzentrum Simmering. My attention was drawn to the project by a poster competition, the aim of which was to find new ways to summon up further support for the organisation.