Microgiants & Verlag Neue Arbeit

The design company Microgiants and the "Verein Neue Arbeit" ("Association For New Labour") host several events every year on the field of open-design, knowledge transfer, local production and networking. They all share a strong belief in the opportunities to be able to form a better society by working together and sharing knowledge, technologies and ideas.

Maispace Website

MAISPACE is  a annual networking event for the so entitled "Creative Class" and clearly has a marxistic connotation. It consists of freelancers, small companies, art-and-craft businesses, music and fashion and the idea is to develop new forms of working together by connecting each other locally.  Once a year the event/party MAISPACE takes place and the whole "Creative Class" can come together and do some networking against egocentric business models and exploitation.
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Website for the Chinese Bus Company.

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