The artist TOMAK wanted an unconventional website that translated his ideas, texts, paintings, performances and further works into a strong online presentation. The stipulations were that the site should be chaotic, big and irrational, and strongly reflect the way TOMAK works and how he wants his art to be seen. A dominant feature of his work is the collage technique that he uses to reference and connect different imagery, ideas and spaces. He also distinguishes between distinct periods in his body of work, each of which is characterised by a specific alter ego, such as Phantomak, Tomaque Deville or TRAFO.

To fulfil his requirements we decided to use the Parallax technique, though not in the trendy conventional way in which it is usually seen and recognised. Instead of using it to present a clear linear narration we created the opposite effect by breaking the presentation into several layers. These layers create new spaces and encourage fresh interpretation as one scrolls down the page in a rhythmic journey through TOMAK's various creative periods.

We also wanted to give the visitor the opportunity to browse through TOMAK's numerous works and series in a traditional way. To this end we provided a straightforward and easy-to-navigate list of all his projects at the bottom of the homepage. The final website is an experimental approach to web design and online presentation that combines an unconventional and vivid display with an easy-to-browse viewing option.


All images are taken from the finished website and belong to their rightful owners.
TOMAK der KROATE (KRAWATTE), (mixed media on paper), 128 x 93 cm, 2013
Photos by Bengt Stiller