Wiener Lerntafel

The Wiener Lerntafel is a voluntary organisation that provides tutoring for underprivileged children. In Vienna alone there are around 15,000 children who can't keep up at school, are in danger of wasting their potential and are losing faith in the Viennese social support network. The Wiener Lerntafel has already provided over 50,000 extra lessons for free, carried out by over 160 unpaid volunteers (mostly social workers and former teachers) at the Lernzentrum Simmering. My attention was drawn to the project by a poster competition, the aim of which was to find new ways to summon up further support for the organisation.

Why do these kids need special treatment?

For the poster competition we took this provocative question as a starting point because the biggest problem in this area is revealed in the answers: accusations. Some say that the problem lies in the families' social backgrounds, some say that teachers and the education system are the problem, whereas teachers say that it's the fault of politicians that not enough money is made available to integrate these underprivileged children into the normal school system. We wanted to focus on the issue of blame, and introduced the slogan "if they are being neglected" ("..., wenn man sie lässt") in order to draw attention away from the unproductive cycle of accusation and instead to focus on the children, their ambitions, dreams and potential.

The funding campaign

After winning this competition we worked together with the Lerntafel's board of directors to raise money for the year 2014 and to develop sustainable strategies and sponsoring models that could be used to provide long-term financial security for the project. Our task was to create a strategy for presenting the institution to the public without straying into the realm of indictment or politics. The finished campaign includes several adverts, an Avaaz campaign, newspaper articles, brochures and radio interviews.

Links for Wiener Lerntafel

Parallel to the campaign we also developed a website, on which can be found a summary of the fundraising project, its on-going progress, and further general information about the Lerntafel.
>> The Wiener Lerntafel Website

The awareness campaign
>> The Avaaz Campaign

The Wiener Lerntafel in other medias

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